2017 Sign-In

Happy New Year friends!

I’m so glad and grateful to be seeing a new year, 2017. Towards the end of last year, I committed much to God through prayer. I’m grateful for a God who has curated my life so perfectly- no mistakes, no delays. I’m grateful that I’m made fearfully and wonderfully. I’m grateful that I have everything I need to deal with each encounter, each difficulty, each victory- I’m complete. It’s another year to keep trying and pushing for a better life. Another year to love ourselves better, to love other people better. Another year to surprise us, show us what we didn’t know about ourselves and remind us how wonderful we each are. We are all so special. The heavens roar, each time we reach into ourselves and bring forth the best.

Here are some of the things I’m hoping for in 2017:

  • Decisiveness– I think a lot and sometimes this affects how I make decisions. This year I’m not asking to think less but rather to be more decisive. This means having sharper discernment and a clear focus on what is needed in each scenario.
  • Artistry– I’m working on honing my creative abilities as a writer and appreciating my perspective.
  • Competing Globally– I’m raising myself and everything I touch to global standards. I want to produce excellent work in every area of my life.
  • More Self-Love– You can never love yourself enough. This year, I’m pouring into myself more. I owe it to myself to aspire to and work towards an exquisite life. I’m guided by Akwaeke’s words:

 “It might not be advice per se, but I will never forget my mother telling me once how she realized that really, you are truly alone in this world. It was exactly how I was feeling and I was so grateful that she understood that stark reality. It sounds depressing, but it has helped me be self-sufficient, understanding that I am fundamentally responsible for myself and my well-being, and that never changes, regardless of what friendships or partnerships I may enter into. Centering on myself in that way taught me how to develop my own power, which I use to shape my world into one I want to live in.”

– Akwaeke Emezi

“See everything as art, hear everything as music and feel everything as love” – Anthony Anaxagorou | Edinburgh, Scotland

I know this year is going to be special. Thanks for following my journey. I pray protection, love and strength over your life. 

p.s. When I’m not here, you can find me on my Facebook Vlog where I (kinda) regularly make social and political commentary.


© Tessy Maritim

4 thoughts on “2017 Sign-In”

  1. Happy 2017!

    What a fabulous post! Your points have enlightened & motivated me into looking forward to this year.
    I like your view on life as a young adult, it has given me some insights on adulting.

    I think this is my 5th year following your blog. As you keep growing I pray that your work may continue to influence younger minds with more discernment.

    That quote by Akwaeke Emezi is spot-on.

    God speed in your 2017 plans.


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