Birthday Behaviour

December 13th is my date of birth. I remember in my younger years, I would wait with great anticipation for my birthday morning. Birthdays were exciting because my family would wake me up with their croaky morning voices singing ‘Happy birthday‘, my Mom would make me a yummy big breakfast and later I’d meet my friends & family for a birthday lunch.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve realised that birthdays, surely, should mean more than just a materialistic celebration or gifts. A new year represents new possibilities and a second (or third) chance to get things right.

One thing I know I need to get right this year is my health. For a long time, I have forsaken my health while I pay attention to what I thought were more important things such as doing well in university and working hard in my job. But these past few months, I’ve reached a new low in my lack of health-care. My foodie-ness is through the roof. I eat when I’m cold. I eat when I’m tired. I eat when I’m hungry. I go to the gym but not as regularly as I should. I think my body has had enough.

As I turn 21 this Saturday, I want to make a few commitments to myself:

  • I promise to eat clean – clean eating is consuming food in its most natural state, or as close to it as possible. More clean eating tips here.
  • Drink at least two litres of water a day.
  • Go to the gym at least 3 times a week- Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (flexible depending on schedule)
  • Reducing sugar levels from 3 spoons to a maximum of one spoon and gradually decrease until I wean myself off completely.
  • Go to the doctors’ twice a year for a health check. 

This is here as a reminder to myself and for you to keep me accountable. If you spot me anywhere eating a burger, spaghetti bolognese or pizza, please take a picture of me as I dig into my food and tweet me or post a picture on my wall and remind me that I’m backsliding. Seriously.

It will be really difficult! Apparently it takes more than two months before new behavior becomes automatic – 66 days to be exact. But I know when I look back a year later, I’ll be thankful for these changes.

I’ll leave you with this song- Happy Day by Patoranking, which I love and will be dancing to on my birthday. Happy born day to me!


© Tessy Maritim

7 thoughts on “Birthday Behaviour”

  1. Hello there…it’s quite interesting to see the goal you have set for yourself. Yes it’s not easy and you may want to ween yourself into it step by step. Also just because you want to be healthier does not mean you cannot be a foodie…there is a lot of improvisations you can do to food to make it healthier (‘cleaner’) . I think I am one of the biggest foodies.

    Personally I still take sugar in my beverages but not much (1 or 2 spoons of sugar depending on the size of the cup)

    The secret is to have a partner/friend who is willing to take you on this journey it’s makes it much easier…if your interested you can avail yourself and we can share information on our health routines and give each other tips.

    I personally work out 5 times a week but you should do what feels suitable to you and the time you have available for doing so.
    All the best and I hope we can take this journey together. 🙂

  2. I rather tend to think your body is in its beat form, I mean most girls would die for it so being a foodie shouldn’t really be an issue here. But then I support you on reducing the sugar intake.
    This is a tip I read somewhere though. That cutting down calorie intake also has its flip side; you can’t reduce your calorie intake by say 40% and still get the necessary nutrients that your body needs.
    Good luck in your birthday-resolutions though it should have been a new year resolve.

  3. I looove birthdays, and I can’t wait for yours 🙂 !! Just wait, let me get rid of this nonsense I have for phone, and you will see how many tweets and picture posts I’ll be sending to you about you eating pizza and spaghetti! Lol 🙂
    But yes, I really hope you accomplish these new goals you have set. You can totally do it!

  4. I rather tend to to think your body is good enough as it is, I mean most girls would give a tooth for it. And then being a foodie doesn’t exactly result in health complications. It all depends on the kind of stuff u take. All the same it’s a good idea that yiu want to start viewing birthdays with a new aspect.
    Now this is something I read somewhere and maybe you might wanna give it a thought. That it is never easy to reduce the amount of calorie considerably to be able to avert food-related health while still maintain the intake of the necessary ingredients that your body needs. I’m talking about 60% of the average calorie consumption.
    Good luck with your birthday resolutions all the same though it should have been a new year resolve.

  5. “Birthday girl” I pose a rhetorical question to you: How will a Feb 29th baby celebrate his or her birthday??? I am an April 16th baby, if I get lucky to catch a breath on that day, a year is counted. Some lucky souls and somebodies i know of even get celebrated posthumously!! My family ain’t primitive but i totally missed those bashful and jubilation moments that come with birthdays; and rarely i attended one. But i so relate with you with the mature resolve you made about how birthdays should be like. I just backdated your day of birth; it happened on the timings of Monday 13th 1993. Allow me to be a little naughty and say that i would have wanted it to be on Friday the 13th so that i could hex you. Ask me why? I wanted to hex you to stay put to the commitments you’ve made. Oh my! Now my hexing won’t work..;) PS though: I wish you an advance happy birthday, and to your wishes: May they be fulfilled! Muchas gracias for this blessing thread!!

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