Black History for Life // Fresh




Outgrow. Expand. Build a bigger life. Conceive a better future, there is so much for you if you want it.


Take more for yourself. Take more for others.

Stay cognisant, connected, invested and supportive of the struggle everywhere.

Fresh captured by Seun Roti, creative direction by Shinade Walters and Tessy Cherono Maritim.

This is the last post of the ‘Black History for Life‘ photo series. The project was inspired by themes of black history- the Power we hold, the Revolution we are capable of, the Midas Touch we exude and ideas for a Fresh future. It was important to me that this was done beyond the confines of Black History Month. I never want to forget to be continuous and deliberate in celebrating the contributions of black people in all spheres of life, considering a world that is sometimes insistent on our erasure, our silence, our exclusion. Black History is continuous, life-long, never-ending.

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