This is a Thinkpiece on #MTVMAMA2016

I spent my evening attending the MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) 2016 vicariously through (a bad) livestream, Snapchat, my Twitter timeline and Instagram stories. I have many thoughts. Here they are. Highlights  Stylish Red Carpet Moments  #MTVMAMA2016 Red Carpet … Watch Live #Africa to the ? styled by @boogymaboi A photo posted by TheHighest (@sarkodie1) on Oct 22,

Appreciating My Blackness As An African

The first time I was introduced to the Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME) identity was in my sabbatical year. Being the only black sabbatical officer during my tenure meant that I was the only full-time officer who could deal with the BME campaign. I was expected to work and support the elected part-time BME officers

Obama, I’d Love To Let You Finish But-

What a weekend. Obama touched down and brought home all the goodies- the entrepreneurship summit, praises for Kenya’s progress, promises of investment and (by default) a traffic-less Nairobi city. Most poignantly, Obama blessed us with a message still ringing in the minds of Kenyans- work hard and you can do and be anything you want. Let’s not lie- we’ve

New (Corporate) Slaves

I wrote about this a while ago. But I read an article recently that has reignited my feeling towards this issue, so here we go again- why are we so obsessed with overworking? Corporations want to make us all slaves to the glorious corporate world. We tow the line- hook, line and sinker. Make no mistake-

A God Bigger Than Christianity

I’ve been going to church for as long as I can remember. Religion has always been a key aspect of my life; but it wasn’t until six years ago that I found God. Before then, going to church had been more of a chore. I didn’t have much of an understanding or appreciation for the

No patriarchy, no feminism

Last week, I shared a video on my timeline that opened up a very interesting conversation about feminism from an African perspective. As expected, there were many who agreed and many who disagreed- the most amusing criticism being that the equality of women be advocated for ‘to a certain limit’. Sigh. I’m writing this post to highlight a

Natural Hair Politics

My mom never let me perm my hair. I remember begging my mom for the longest time but she was resolute- none of her three daughters would have relaxer in their hair. She had (and still does have) deep admiration for natural hair and how it grew on our heads- striking and glorious. Whenever I

When Are You Getting Married?

“So, when will you get a boyfriend??” My sister, best friend, and cousin all ask the same innocent question. I’ve heard it so many times I ask myself, when will I get a boyfriend?? It really would be the best time for me to be in a relationship, I’ve been told. I’m working; finished with

Undressing Women, Undressing Society

Last week Uhuru Kenyatta finally responded to the outrageous undressing of women. And for once, I agree with him. He grasped and articulated well what most people have seemingly missed in this fiasco. To me, it seems as we undressed women, we were also subconsciously undressing ourselves. We revealed what makes up the fabric of

Who’s Streets?

Sometime last summer I was walking home from visiting a friend when a man yelled “Uko na nyonyo poa” (Swahili for “You’ve got nice boobs”) as I walked past him. I turned around and gave him the dirtiest look I could. I felt so disgusted, so embarrased, so violated. This was definitely not the first