Just Like Before: A Pep Talk To Myself

see url Okay, you’ve done this before. It always starts like this- seemingly impossible. Big. Scary. Above you. Like a mountain. Insurmountable. Little me. How did I even get here? Well. You got here slowly. Step by step. One leg after the other. You divided and you conquered. You committed the journey to God. You covered yourself


Agency, Autonomy and the Complexities of Life

http://melroth.com/?komp=mercati-binari-com&9c9=2d I’m someone who loves, appreciates and understands the complexities of life. I know that it’s not always black and white. It’s frustrating that sometimes we are required to be simplistic, normative, basic in the way that we think, in the way that we live, in the way that we love. There’s not enough space for our


2017 Sign-In

http://hillviewfreelibrary.org/?frencyz=recherche-emploi-femme-de-menage-bordeaux&6e5=09 Happy New Year friends! I’m so glad and grateful to be seeing a new year, 2017. Towards the end of last year, I committed much to God through prayer. I’m grateful for a God who has curated my life so perfectly- no mistakes, no delays. I’m grateful that I’m made fearfully and wonderfully. I’m grateful

2016 Sign-Off

We’re two weeks away from the end of this year and the beginning of a new one. 2016 has been magical, joyful, sweet.  This year, I’ve experienced immense joy and excitement. I’ve seen the expanse of life through people and places, both new and old. It’s important to rely on people- they teach you things

It is Finished

Full (.adj) not lacking or omitting anything; complete Regret typically consists of looking back and feeling a sense of incompleteness. Like there’s something you could have done better in a particular situation. Like an experience ended too quickly. We wish things were different. Maybe longer. Or shorter. Perhaps in a different context. Or at a