Pain Will Visit

go This post has been years in the making. Not because I’ve been writing it for years… but because I’ve been learning and storing the lessons away, knowing that I will one day compile them and put them somewhere accessible. For myself. For others too. Looking back at the last few years of my life, seasons


What I’ve Learnt From 3 Years in The Arena

site de rencontre pompier celibataire In August this year, it’ll be 3 years since we started The Arena. I thought of waiting until then to write this as an anniversary commemoration post but I’m feeling the urge to write and post it immediately. Working on something you love is difficult. A labour of love soon morphs into something laborious. There was

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On Darkness, Demons and (self) Destruction

source url Marshawn McCarrel, a 23 year old American activist, died last week from self-inflicted gunshot wounds. This is the message he left on his Facebook, “My demons won today. I’m sorry.“ I read those words and felt defeated. I feel defeated because it reminds me of the helplessness I feel watching people close to me suffer

On Things That Don’t Feel Right (And How To Deal With Them)

enter site I’m reflecting on the things in my life that haven’t felt right. I like to think that I’m a (generous) giver of chances. A patient friend. The kind of person who will stick things out. Because for me, if I love and care for you, I’m here for keeps. Jobs, friendship(s), relationship(s). There are things,

The Battle Behind The Scenes

enter site For most people, myself included, the new year is about a new resolve, a renewed vigour and a refreshed spirit. I love that about new beginnings! It gives you the opportunity to just start again. And we all need that from time to time. My new beginning this year is quite stoic. Despite the fact

Rome Wasn’t Built In One Day- And Neither Will The Arena

Building something from the ground up is difficult. It requires: – an unshakeable foundation – builders, architects, interior designers, quantity surveyors – functioning systems (think water, electricity, sewage pipes etc.) When we started The Arena it all seemed so simple. We wanted to create a space for young people to interact and learn from one