Lollipop Moments

About 2 months ago I watched this very eye-opening TED talk.

Lollipop moments. We create them. We are part of them, everyday. Something that may seem so meaningless to you could mean the entire world to someone else.

During my students’ union elections I was on the receiving end of various lollipop moments. When I decided I was going to stand in the elections, I didn’t know where to start. I had never done this election thing before. I was excited but very nervous.

I decided to text all my contacts- friends and acquaintances alike. I needed to at least tell the people I knew so that they could vote for me. What surprised me though was their response. Many of them I wasn’t particularly close to. But in the week leading up to the election, they were the ones who were there for me most.

They offered to help hand out my flyers, they used their networks to get societies to endorse me, they told their friends to vote, they came with me to my lecture shout-outs, they gave me ideas for my campaign, they helped me go around student accommodation over the weekend to put up posters; they encouraged me. And as if that was not enough, on the night the results were announced, my friends came to be with me and cheered so loudly when I won.

I was touched that people could pick up my battle and fight it as if their own. Those are moments to celebrate, moments to cherish.

Embrace the magic of small moments today. Someone out there needs it. And if someone has given you a lollipop moment, go on- let them know.


© Tessy Maritim


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