Na Bado

28.11.2016 | photo by Poon

Celebrating one year since this glorious, gloomy day in Edinburgh- my MSc graduation. This was one of my best days in 2016. I had a really wonderful time after what had been a very frustrating week.

I think I’ve said this before elsewhere but my time in Edinburgh was so special. It shaped my world view and work ethic and I can’t thank my God enough. God took me there, looked after me and made sure I left with both my hands and heart full.

I had never considered a PHd. For a while, it had felt like I could barely manage being in the academy- the pressure, my goodness! It makes you feel small and insignificant. But towards the end of my programme, watching some of the incredible PHd candidates in our department, I wondered what it would be like to be on the other side- creating knowledge and influencing ways of learning. Aside from the personal interest, I take with great seriousness the need for more black, African, women scholars influencing world views and decolonizing the academy.

I hope to start on this journey in the future. But for now, I celebrate all that I am becoming. I will get there. I’m living and loving the space I’m in right now. Most of you know how much I was looking forward to coming home! I love being here and feeling first hand the currents that are driving the future of this country. I’m also in the early stages of a career that is stretching and teaching me so much. This is not to say that it’s easy and a joyous occasion everyday. There are some really difficult days- sometimes weeks! And it can be a mammoth task to get on with what I have to do. In those moments, I try not to look for an antidote. This is what life feels like sometimes. You just try to get used to it.

I’m looking ahead but once in a while it feels good to look back and feed off the energy of past accomplishments.

Thank you to my lecturers whose teachings still guide me to this day. Thank you to my friends- some of who I am delighted to still be close to. Thank you to my family, whose love and support has fueled me every step of the way.

And most importantly, to the God I serve.. I shine because of you. May I never forget that my strength comes from You.


© Tessy Maritim

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