On My Own Terms

On My Own Terms

Friends, it’s been a long while since I was last year! How are you?! I’ve missed this space. Last year, I set a goal to improve my writing. My plan was to write consistently so that I could practice and become perfect- or at least get close enough. But I had some technical difficulties. My WordPress shut down and wouldn’t let me log back on. I tried to get it back with much futility.

I finally got it back- do you like my new layout? I’m so into the colour. Sunshine. The moody picture is the perfect antidote. Dark sunshine.

I’ve started 2019 well. Super busy, but well. I’ve passed the 2 year mark (!!) at my job. I’m celebrating one year on YouTube. I changed my hair quite significantly. I’m contemplating diet decisions like becoming vegetarian. I’m feeling emotionally and mentally fit after what felt like a tumultuous end to 2018. I’m pleased to be on this side.

Today I’m thinking about living life on my own terms. The ability to navigate my life without the weight of other people’s opinions pulling me down. For sure the weight is there. I feel it often. But I’m trying to let it go unnoticed. I want to move freely towards living the life I’m called to live. It’s an everyday battle. But I’m determined to honour myself by really being conscious about the decisions I’m making.

And just like writing, the more I practice this, the closer I get to the perfection that is living life on my own terms.

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  • Lucy

    February 27, 2019 at 1:21 pm Reply

    Hi Tess, welcome back. Life is chiefly to be lived. Can’t wait to see the new hairdo.

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