One Small Decision

I’ve got some good news today! Three weeks ago I submitted an idea into a competition our university runs called ‘Venture Further‘. It gives students and recent graduates an opportunity to submit an idea and win £10,000 to implement the idea. I didn’t have plans to submit an idea until three days before the end

The Last Lap

Fitness is a great way to test some key life values. If you can commit to a fitness routine, you can do anything really. Training your body to take instructions from your mind is incredibly difficult. But once you get it, there’s no stopping you. I was doing my warm-up on the treadmill last week

Yes Days Off

It’s no secret that our generation is hungrier than it’s ever been. Everyone is on their #workflow and taking #nodaysoff. We’ve glamourized and glorified overworking at the dangerous expense of self-care. For many of us, myself included, overworking begins in university. With strict deadlines, late nights and copious amounts of coffee, overworking is an unspoken