Thank You, January

Life moves quickly. So swiftly, that it’s easy to miss the things, people and events that make life worthwhile. I’ve decided to create a new section of my blog, to share, appreciate and reflect on each month.

I’m grateful for:

  • New Beginnings– Sometimes you need the convenience of a New Year to push you to reset the areas in your life that need a little watering and tender care. That was the start of 2016 for me. I shared more in this post.
  • Colouring In Between The Lines–  Literally. I bought a colouring book and it’s brought me so much joy. For anyone who enjoys creative meticulousness with the same enthusiasm as I do, I’d encourage you to purchase a colouring book. It’s not only so fun but excellent for your mental health. Indulge! Here’s the link to the one I have.
  • A-Team of Life– We finally unveiled our new A-Team! If you’ve been keeping up with The Arena, you know we’ve been going through recruitment for our new A-Team. The process has been so exciting and I can’t express how hopeful I am for the future. The Arena is a labour of love but I’ve learnt some difficult lessons along the way. Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people. Quality over quantity. Make no mistake- business is business.
  • #Goals– One of my new year’s resolutions came into fruition and it was not as great as I hoped it would be. I’m planning on riding it out as much as I (mentally and emotionally) can and then I’ll see what to do. Goals aren’t always as magical as you imagine them to be. And that’s okay. Not everything needs to feel magical, right? Fairytales are for books.



“Coming together is a beginning; Keeping together is progress; Working together is success” – Henry Ford | Nairobi, Kenya


Thank you, January.


© Tessy Maritim