Two of My Favourite Quotes

le operazioni binarie sono un guadagno sicuro I love a good quote! Both of my favourite quotes make reference to the sky- I love the metaphor of the sky which I associate with calm and the expanse and vastness of life.

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follow siteWomen hold up half the sky” – Thomas Sankaraبرنامج-الخيارات-الثنائية-التي-تعمل Apparently, this saying has its origins in China but I first heard it from Thomas Sankara. Women hold up half the sky– and so much more. There are so many women in my life who hold (or have held) the sky for me so that I can experience a rich and beautiful life. I’m thankful.

seeThe sky is too big for two birds to clash” – Anon. I first heard this quote in the summer of 2016 when I was struggling through a dissertation and a separation from someone close to me. I had my eyes fixed on this thing that was clearly not coming back. This quote was a reminder- that there was so much more to look forward to- a whole sky! I could spread my wings and claim new things.

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mujer soltera busca nada photo by Seun Roti and edit by Jebet Last week, I got my artist sister-friend Jebet to do this edit on my picture (click here to see the original picture)- I gave the two quotes above for inspiration and I loved the outcome! Thank you Jebet for this art. Check out Jebet’s work on Instagram and Behance and get her to make an edit of one of your pictures! It would also make a great gift to someone. Happy Easter, friends! Enjoy the break.

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