Thank You, July

Life moves quickly. So swiftly, that it’s easy to miss the things, people and events that make life worthwhile. I’ve decided to create a new section of my blog, to share, appreciate and reflect on each month.

I’m grateful for:

A few meetings – In light of my reflective holiday period, I’ve been reaching out to people to bounce ideas off and gain some clarity. Some of whom I thought I’d never get the chance to speak to in person, but to my surprise so graciously offered their time to me. So far I’ve met 3 people; one is the CEO of a leading incubation centre, the other runs an agri-tech company in West Africa and the final one leads an organisation that outsources services to start-ups. I’ve realized this- no one’s got everything figured out! Surprise. You just keep moving until it becomes clearer. You can’t stay out of the game to figure things out- you’ve got to be on the ground trying and failing. This reminded me of something I’ve heard Oprah say– when you’re stuck and wondering where your life is going, just ask yourself ‘What’s the next best step?’ Don’t always burden yourself with what happens 5-10 years down the line. Things will figure themselves out!

A reconnection– I work with a great team. And it felt good to reconnect! We have a long distance relationship- half of us are in the UK and the other half in Kenya. It’s difficult to get things moving consistently but we are doing our best! Reconnecting and remembering why we’re doing all this has really left me hopeful. We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars (said by someone else- google it, if interested).

Endless matatu ride(s)– The one thing I miss when I’m abroad is matatu’s! For me, matatu’s are more than just a means of transport. They represent Nairobi culture. I love being fought over by the makanga’s as they make their best efforts to convince me to go into their ride; I love the fact that sometimes a mat will be playing my ideal playlist through speakers with deafening volume and I love the stories I hear being shared. Matatu’s represent the vibrancy and ambition of this city.

A feature(s)– I’m grateful to have been featured in two fantastic blogs this month! Alisha gave me the opportunity to share a bit about being African, living abroad and navigating independence on a feature on her blog called ‘People On The Way‘. I also wrote a letter to myself on Hellen’s blog, Youth of Our Time. Check it out here.

Several event(s)– This holiday is also about feeling the pulse of Nairobi. I’ve been to some really cool events this past month! I attended- a welcome event for MyAfricaIs, a documentary that’s showing positive stories from the continent; the Global Entrepreneurship Summit pre-innovation fair; a fireside chat with the Airbnb CEO, and a fashion and tech panel hosted by Nest Nairobi. I always thought it was difficult to meet like-minded people in this city. Turns out I was going to the wrong places! There are so many amazing people and activities in Nairobi. I’ve been looking forward to this.


Thank you, July.



© Tessy Maritim


  • Samoina

    August 4, 2015 at 11:37 pm Reply

    sounds like you had a fantastic July!! this inspires me to take stock on my blog too, keeps things in perspective. 🙂 always good to read your posts every Tuesday.

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