Thank You, June

Life moves quickly. So swiftly, that it’s easy to miss the things, people and events that make life worthwhile. I’ve decided to create a new section of my blog, to share, appreciate and reflect on each month.

I’m grateful for:

A visit – There’s something so fulfilling about being in the company of people who reflect you and where you aspire to be. I make no apologies for the fact that I have a carefully curated circle of friends. They create an environment in which I can be myself and share openly. So I was so happy to have friend(s) visiting at both the start and end of the month. One is a new friend while the other is an old friend. My new friend, in actions and without saying, reminded me what it means to be in touch with yourself. Introspection and authenticity is so rare in people so if you find it, hold on to it- well, as much as you can anyway. My old friend and I asked ourselves what we would do if we weren’t afraid- and then proceeded to make objectives for the summer based on them. I’ll feedback on them here in September!


A throwback– A few months ago I mentioned that I was planning on deleting my old blog. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable it is reading things I’ve written in the past. There’s so much I disagree with and so much I feel I could have expressed better. But it’s also so refreshing to re-visit certain times in my life and empathise with myself. Just from going through my old blog, I’ve resolved to try and be a bit more open on this blog. I want my emotion to be felt. You can check out my old blog here, as long as you promise not to laugh. Shout out to my girl Benja for ensuring I didn’t delete it! Love you.


A goodbye– My term as Diversity Officer of the University of Manchester Students’ Union, and by default, my time living in Manchester, have ended. I’m sad to leave what have been four of the most thrilling years of my life but also know and feel that it is truly time to move on. You can check out more reflections here.



An opportunity– I attended the Aspire Trailblazing Women’s conference in London towards the end of the month. Aside from the wonderful opportunity to speak on a panel at the event, I also volunteered for the conference and experienced the immense effort and planning it takes to put together such a valuable forum. After the conference, I spent a day in London just enjoying the city vibes – there’s something so inspiring about being in London. I love it!


Thank you, June.



© Tessy Maritim


  • The African-Italian Project

    July 12, 2015 at 4:54 pm Reply

    Awwwww thank you girl, I love you too and miss you! I am so glad you did not delete it. As I’ve shared with you before, your past does not define you, it’s testament to what you have gone and grown through, a reminder to you (and others) that life is in constant evolution and that one can always overcome difficulties and be great on the way! I am particularly thankful to the words of your younger self for inspiring me to power through some tough times, understanding that I am not alone in the struggle.
    I hope you are good and I’m happy for this new section of the blog, I’m looking forward to more of it, excited! Admire and love you always ❤️

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